Requirements for Intra Company Transfer

There are several requirements the international company and employee must meet in order to be qualified for a work permit.

Requirements in General for Canadian Intra Company Transfer

To be eligible for an Intra Company Transfer Visa Canada, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You are looking for entrance into Canada to work for a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of an overseas business where you currently hold a position.
  2. You will be working in a legitimate and ongoing establishment of a company with which you are transferring and with which you have a qualifying relationship.
  3. You are moving from one executive, senior managerial, or knowledge-specific role to another.
  4. You have worked for the company that intends to transfer them outside of Canada continuously (proven through payroll or another form) in a comparable full-time capacity for at least one year in the three years immediately before the date of first application.
  5. You are just visiting Canada on a short-term basis.
  6. You are eligible for temporary entrance since you meet all immigration rules.

Requirements of the company for ICT

  1. Generally speaking, the business must find a physical location to house its Canadian activity, especially if it requires specific knowledge. However, in some circumstances involving senior managers or executives, it would be permissible if the new business’s address hadn’t yet been established for instance, the company may keep its counsel’s address until the executive could buy or rent a building.
  2. The business must present practical staffing strategies for the expanded activity.
  3.  The business must have the resources to launch operations in Canada and pay staff.
  4. Whenever an organization moves leaders or managers, it needs.
    • Portray that it will be big enough to accommodate management or executive functions.
  5. The business must follow certain procedures when moving a knowledgeable specialist.
    • Show that it is expected to be conducting business.
    • Make sure that management at the Canadian operation oversees and directs the job.

ICT Canada Documentation Requirements

The following paperwork is needed:

  • Certification that the foreign national is currently employed by a multinational corporation outside of Canada and wishes to work in a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of that corporation in Canada.
  • Confirmation that the foreign national has been consistently employed (full-time, not cumulative part-time) by the company outside Canada for at least one year during the three years immediately prior to the date of initial application, whether through payroll or by contract.
  • A brief explanation of the applicant’s position in an executive or managerial role, or one requiring specialized expertise (i.e. position, title, location within the organization, job description).
  • Evidence that the individual possesses, specialized knowledge, and that the position in Canada requires such knowledge.
  • A description of the position in Canada (including the title, position within the organization, and job description).
  • An indication of the anticipated length of stay.
  • A description of the partnership between the Canadian company and the foreign company (the officer may request tangible proof to establish the relationship between the Canadian and foreign organization wishing to make the transfer).

ICT Visa Processing Time in Canada Requirements

Canada Intra Company Transfer time period is 2 to 10 weeks.

There are options for priority processing, but the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) typically takes 2 to 10 weeks. The Intra-Company Transfer visa will be provided to those who qualify for the 2-week processing duration within that time frame. For nations without a visa, there is this option for expedited processing (biometrics processing is not included in these 2 weeks).

For how long is a visa for intra-company transfers valid?

The duration of the Intra-Company Transfer work permit is one year.
You must offer proof of the following in order to renew your work permit
through an intra-company transfer:

  • The foreign and Canadian businesses continue to have a qualifying connection.
  • For the past year, the new office has consistently provided goods or services.
  • A staff has been hired for the new office.

ICT to PR Transition in Canada

The foreign national can be qualified to use the Express Entry program to apply for PR after working full-time for the Canadian business for a year. The foreign citizen may be qualified to obtain 50 or 200 extra points for an arranged employment (job offer) through their own business in Canada, depending on the work role.

This typically leads to a large improvement in their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, which can result in selection under the FWS category of the EE stream and a request from the immigration authorities to submit an application for  permanent residence.

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