ICT: Intra Company Transfer

Canada Intra Company Transfer Work Permit Is Sometimes Called Canada ICT Visa. The Intra-Company Division Grants International Companies To Transfer Capable Employees To Canada For The Desire Of Developing Management Usefulness, Enlarge Canadian Exports, And Amplify Competitiveness In Abroad Markets, Reassigned To Work In The Affiliated Canadian Company, Either Start-Up Or Established One.

Intra-Company Transfer (ICT): Benefits And Way To PR:

  • The Qualified Investor Or Work Permit Keeper Can Entitle To Permanent Residence For Canada.

  • Canadian Job Experience Under ICT Is Eligible.

  • You Can Apply After One Year Of Job Under An ICT Work Permit.

  • Only Practical Knowledge/Capability Of The English Language Is Required.

  • Transfer Of Money To A Canadian Account Can Help.

  • Work Permits Can Be Issued For 1 Year For New And 3 Years For Existing Companies.

  • The Spouse Can Get An Open Work Permit

  • Children Get Student Visa And They Can Study For Free Till High School In Public Schools

  • The Whole Family Of The Applicant Is Eligible For Free Provincial Health Coverage


The Following Points Are Also Considered While Granting A Work Permit Under ICT.



  • Education –  Your Education Must Reflect Your Current Role As Well As The Purpose You Are Going For In Canada.
  • Knowledge– Your Knowledge In The Specific Field Should Depend On The Experience You Have Gained In The Company And Be Unique To Your Occupation.
  • Experience – Your Experience That You Are Showing To The Authorities Or Making A Claim Upon Should Be Comparable And Have A Unique Approach. For Example, If You Have Been Working For The Company For A Short Period Of Time, You Need To Have Strong Knowledge Of The Company And Its Business Knowledge.
  • Supporting Documentation – Your Resume, Reference Letters, Proof Of Completed Works, SOP, Etc.


Work Visa Obtained Using Intra Company Transfer Is Initially For One Or Max Two Years, But It Can Be Extended If Needed. The Extension Can Be Granted For A Total Period Of 5 Or 7 Years From The Start Of The Work Permit. For The Renewal Process There Are A Few Things To Consider:

  1. Canadian Companies And Foreign Companies Should Have A Continuing Relationship With Each Other.

  2. Office In Canada Should Be Up And Running Well In The Past Year Where Services And Goods Must Be In Continuous Supply.

  3. The Canadian Office Must Have Staff Recruitment As Per The Business Plan Submitted And Reasons If Not Done As Committed.

To Get An ICT Transfer, You Will Need To Satisfy An Immigration Officer Executing A Result On Your Necessary Background And The Purpose You Are Going To Canada To Meet Or Not. How You Are Going To Meet The Intended Duties And Specialized Knowledge.

The Process Of Intra Company Transfer Is Very Intensive And A Complicated Process Application. We Highly Recommend You Seek Expert Advice And Assistance For All Your Immigration Document Work And Other Immigration Processes.