Temporary Work Permit

Would you like to work in Canada?
If yes, your visit is for a short time or a temporary visa may be the most suitable option. The Canadian government supports intelligent and highly experienced people from around the world to apply for a temporary work permit. The main purpose of a temporary visa is to allow a person to enter Canada for a temporary period of time. There are several visa choices that are appropriate to various types of stays in Canada. Our law firm can assist you with succeeding in the fittest visa for your particular visit.

If you choose, you can apply for permanent residence after obtaining your temporary work permit.


General Requirements:


  1. Prove to a visa officer that you will depart Canada when your work permit expires.
  2. Show that you own sufficient money to take charge of yourself and your family members throughout your stay in Canada, and return home.
  3. Obey the authority and have no history of criminal or illegal activity.

Opt for work abroad as you can enjoy higher wages and better working hours, plus a good lifestyle, free medical services, global opportunities, etc. To get authorized business in Canada, you need to first secure a work permit.

Work Permits for Students: 


For those learners who would like to attain some work experience while assisting their education, a Student Work Permit allows them to do both. Under the Canadian Experience Class, learners who are studying at an immigration-authorized school are eligible for a work permit after 6 months of study. With their work permit, they are permitted to work part-time during the school year and full-time throughout their summers.


Taking any of the above pathways will need the engagement of two government entities — the departments of ESDC and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”). The Canadian work authorization method is very intricate, but our Emmigen team of visa consultants and immigration lawyers is there to help you navigate the complexities of this rule so that you can immigrate to Canada fast.


Travel Visa


Preparing to travel overseas on vacations? You are required to produce a travel visa. A travel visa is applied by somebody who requires to travel abroad.


Each nation operates its personal laws and methods for providing traveler visas to applicants, for e.g. the US requires a candidate to attend a private interview if he/she has not traveled overseas previously. Visa terms vary from nation to nation and additionally it depends on the origin. Same for any nation and residents, a traveler visa should be obtained before moving.


Getting a travel visa is simple but the candidate has to confirm that his/her intent is good, documentation should be accurate with all the legal formalities filled and complete, and with capitals to travel and return. You should return to your origin country where your visa terminates.


Emmigen Immigration services, with their experience and team of consultants, increase the possibility of arranging your visa stamping by executing the method smoothly and hassle-free. We further provide support in Travel insurance, accommodation, and many more.


Our visa consultants and immigration lawyers are adequately notified of the tourist rules of several countries and they all well know what are the authorized customs that remain to be fulfilled and what records are to be presented. They put up the traveler visa purpose of the customer in such a practice that it is received immediately.


We at Emmigen are the most advanced traveler visa consultants in Delhi and our immigration lawyers are specialists in the visa process. Our workforce is constituted of an attentive and devoted team of result-managed experts, we are here to assist you and provide you with great results.


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Immigration Services: All about moving to Canada

After covid all the world rocked in all the sectors and aspects of their lives and so the business sector of many countries. The canada business immigration sector was also seriously impacted and had a major loss in their business immigration visa field.


The employees and migrant workers all over the world also had an serious impact on their work and other phase of their lives but the good news is that slowly and steadily all thing going back to normal and with the time we are taking charge and returning to normal as the majority of the community of various nations has been immunized.


Internally, Canada wants to expand their visa immigration post coronavirus pandemic to fuel and revive its economy and give opportunity to the migrants.


When it comes to Canada, the country offers various corporate immigration programs like the Intra-Company Transfer Program (ICT), Startup Visa Program, Work Permit Visa, Student Visa,etc., via. which people can get the position of a permanent resident and conclusively citizenship. Canada has the finest academic structure, a low crime rate, amazing infrastructure and environment, excellent  healthcare facilities, etc. 


All investors, entrepreneurs and even students these days are seeking new remonstrance, and if they can overcome  the intervention, they can have a prosperous future in Canada.


According to a survey, immigrants score strong in terms of job creation and labor market success. It has been discovered that immigrant-owned companies tend to do better in business in comparison to companies owned by locals. Hence, Canada has now begun to adopt immigration-friendly rules and policies to attract new talent and people who can give financial benefits in addition to cultural ones. The Canadian government also makes sure that the policies that are constructed are fair, transparent & that there are no sudden changes in immigration rules & plans so that it’s easier for individuals with an intent to migrate to stay updated.


According to Canada’s most recent Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023, the country hopes to welcome approximately 400,000 new permanent immigrants per year.